All events described in this novel are imaginary. Any resemblances to actual people, except for a newscaster named Peter Jennings, are wholly coincidental.

* * *


Life, so I read in the Science Page of the City Herald (back of the Living section every Thursday), is so statistically improbable as to amount to a miracle.

If you can accept that, you open yourself to the prospect of even more astonishing events, convergences of matter and intent that go beyond the ecto-physical limits of any one organism to resonate on a collective level some of us may only ever wish were true.

What I’m about to relate is, like any miracle, a matter of perspective, open to interpretation. I can only describe my own involvement in it and let you decide whether you are indeed looking upon a genuine display of “signs and wonders”. . .

Or just a sideshow.

* * *


Truth is the silliest thing under the sun. Try to get a living by the Truth — and go to the Soup Societies.

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