Saint Peter Killed God

by KJ Kron

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 by Slush Pile Reader

Thanks to everyone who helped make this book happen especially those who read earlier drafts on Slush Pile Reader and voted to publish, which ultimately led to my novel being ranked number one and selected as the first book Slush Pile Reader published. I also want to thank Harper Collins for reviewing my book on Authonomy and the 800 plus people who read it there. Thanks to Johanna and Pascal Denize of Slush Pile Reader for all of their assistance with editing and marketing. Also, thanks to Bruce McAllister who coached me when I needed it. Finally, I appreciate all of those who helped or tried to help me with edits including Createspace and my wife and many, many more.

Chapter One

Father Peter tapped his foot to “Spirit in the Sky” playing in his head. It gave him confidence as he waited for Mass to begin. This magnificent morning would rank as one of the most important days in church history.

Father Peter viewed himself as a savior. If only this sermon would awaken the congregation, his efforts would not be in vain. He might even start his own church, a church greater than the true Catholic Church. He visioned himself as sent from God with a mission to totally reform the church. Thousands of years later, people would read his sermons and marvel at his wisdom the same way people read the gospels today.

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