Carmy: A red-haired thin man with green eyes, Carmy is an irascible curmudgeon with a dry, wry sense of humor. Carmy is a mental telepath with computer and communications expertise. He has been on prior earth missions, which makes him indispensable on this mission. He has a special relationship with Celeste.

Celeste: Much more than a state-of-the-art space ship, Celeste is a super computer with superior artificial intelligence and telepathic ability. She is also able to morph into female humanoid form, and is secretly in love with Carmy.

Diana: Commander of this earth mission, Diana has a superior IQ and graduated top of her class at the academy. Her long raven’s hair, cerulean eyes and smile as bright as a solar flare make Diana every bit as beautiful as the goddess after whom she was named. Like her father, Admiral Jake Young, and her half-brother, Spoof, Diana has telepathic ability.

Joe: This tall, dark and handsome brown-eyed human male is the target of Tory’s affection. Although he fancies himself as a hunter, he may find himself at a disadvantage in this game of male vs. female.

Spoof: Chief investigator for this mission, Spoof is a mental telepath with the ability to morph. He is Diana’s half-brother and the son of Admiral John Young by Jake’s first wife who was an Azurite, an alien race with pale blue skin, which accounts for his white hair and blue skin. Spoof has a penchant for mischief, so the Admiral has charged Diana with watching out for her brother.

Tory: Tory, Joe’s love interest, is a beautiful human female with long, golden curls and blue eyes a man could get lost in. She assumes the role of huntress in the male vs. female romantic conflict that ensues.

Universal Council for Justice & Planning: Comprised of members of intelligent species from galaxies scattered throughout the Universe, the council is charged with the safety and advancement of life across the Universe. Planning involves deciding the fate of various planets such as earth. Admiral John Young reports to the council.

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