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For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the licence terms of this work.

Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from Drew Wagar

Thanks To:

To my wife and family: who put up with all the irritating idiosyncrasies that go with being a writer, allow me time to pursue this hobby and still manage to forgive me time and again.

The late, great Robert Holdstock: Robert wrote the Novella that came with the original ‘Elite’ game. This story, ‘The Dark Wheel’, provided the background to the Elite universe upon which my tales are based. Robert also wrote the original Elite manual, further fleshing out the environment in which the game took place. Sadly, Robert passed away on the 29th of November 2009 due to complications following an E. Coli infection a couple of weeks earlier.

To Daddyhoggy: Who just ‘gets’ what this writing lark is all about. Also for the freedom to create a character based on his name in this story. Hope you enjoy ‘Daddyhoggy’, Daddyhoggy!

To Killerwolf : For the loan of another new ship for Rebecca, the latest Mk5 Vampire from the Isis Corporation. Rebecca has flown a Vampire since 3140 and wouldn’t be seen in anything else.

To Clym Angus: For the loan of a ship and a character. The intimidating Caduceus bio-ship described in this story first appeared in the excellent Novella ‘Rise of the Kirin’ written by Clym and Wyvern. Likewise the character of “Udian Foraga Shulth” is Clym’s creation. Clym also provided a number of excellent suggestions for the dialogue. Clym has also created some excellent PDF star maps, available via the Elite Wiki.

To Wyvern: For the character of “Derik Roh’i”, a fearsome reptilian bounty hunter. Derik also features in ‘Rise of the Kirin’ – available on the Elite Wiki.

To El Viejo: For the character of “Coyote”, an inveterate ‘contrabandista’. Further tales about this wily sombrero toting smuggler can be found in ‘Coyote’- available on the Elite Wiki.

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