Knocked Up By My Preacher Daddy

Hot Preview:

He was undressing as he watched me, his clothes were coming off so quickly, I knew that once he got to me I would be his, he would take me and make me submit. I turned around and got comfy, laying on the bed, I cupped my breasts and massaged them.

“Pinch your nipples really hard, till you cry out,” He said. It was a request but it felt like an order, one I couldn’t refuse. I felt my fingers go around each nipple and I pinched them. “Pull them,” he said more forcefully and I felt myself tug them without even thinking. It felt so good to obey, his voice dripped with authority and I couldn’t help myself but to do everything he said.

“Now suck this,” He commanded, more forceful than ever, the more we played the more commanding he got and I loved it. I couldn’t disobey, I didn’t want to disobey, his commands were loved, I enjoyed obeying them, I couldn’t help it.

He took his cock out and wiggled it. It was so hard and firm and thick. It was huge and as I took the base of his cock and started stroking, I knew that I’d become addicted to sucking this amazing cock.

Eager and willing to please, I took the firm cock in my hand and started stroking the base while I leaned in and sucked him into my mouth. Daddy’s cock was so warm, I could feel how wonderful it felt and how good he tasted as each inch passed through my lips.

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