Forcing Allah's Hand, By Robin Christopher Soto

Chapter 1 False Prophets Removed

Chapter 2 Arabs Exodus is Fullness of Gentiles

Chapter 3 Peace

Chapter 4 Ezekiel's Straight and Narrow

Chapter 5 Armageddon and the Ten Horns

Chapter 6 Praise Worthy

Chapter 1 False Prophets Removed

According to Eze 14.9 the Lord deceives false prophets with the intention of successful correction. WE can use this tactic to clean out the church and help believers understand the LORD's desires. A common ground can be reached through it. However, different religions need deliverance. The church has an opportunity to be updated to help guide the world. Upon doing so, we can reach new nations untapped by the Gospel. Although, only prophecy can lead the direction, not doctrine. Prophetic scriptures leave no room for error because they surpass doctrine basedd on a common cause. Both Islam and Christianity need an update. As a result of completing prophetic fulfillment's, the church body can move in the LORD's direction.

Religion's no longer have excuses to be blind. Once truth is preached, every denomination will mobilize as one army. For example, even though it's being preached, we are not experiencing Armageddon. According to prophecy, we are supposed to be in a state of peace and prosperity, not the Apocalypse. Christendom needs to take a step back and reevaluate the direction the world is being led into. Doom's day preachers are hurting the world. We have a chance to heal, not hurt. Sadly, false Imams and Preachers divide through denominational boundaries and vilify another not of the same belief as evil.

In regards to the Apocalypse, doctrine means nothing. However implementing prophecy does. Prophecy can enable enable it. Predetermined boundaries set the pace within which we teach and operate. By them, we can engage in religious warfare without guns. No longer will religion be used to vilify another person of different belief because a unifying direction is available that surpasses denominational boundaries. Consequently, religion can function for an expected end.

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