Pimping My Mom
Episode 1 (Paradise Lost And How To Find It Again)

Lud was all smiles, as his very sweet, very resourceful, very clever girlfriend Pala bobbed continuously up and down his thick 10-inch cock, slowly bringing him to a boil, forcing him to drive his fingers through his hair, while his body jutted hard, pulsing one heavy and creamy shot after another into Pala’s slow-moving mouth, until he was coming no more, and she unmouthed him, sitting up and swallowing it all back, and immediately smiling at him.

Lud rolled his eyes, having a bit of difficulty processing how good his sweet girlfriend just made him feel, as he meandered in his mind through a post-orgasm bliss, before he finally gave her his own smile.

Palacia Jimenez was a beauty. A Mexican-American queen. A deeply desirable, a tad mischievous, intelligent, industrious, goal-oriented 20-year-old college sophomore with a bright and shiny 3.95 GPA, who, to this day, had a restraining order against her from her former abnormal psych professor who dared give her a B and ruined her perfect 4.00. Pala had deep black marble eyes and long silky black hair and a short and sweet, but still extremely curvaceous body. Presently, she was in a black Smiths t-shirt and pink boy-shorts, with letters that spelled out puta on her ass. She was a handful in any man’s eyes. But well worth it in any man’s eyes. But no man could have her. Only her man. Ludwig Maple.

Ludwig Maple was a handsome fella. An American-American with not even a hint of nobility in his blood. A deeply silly, but sweet, honorable, and lackadaisical 20-year-old college student with a very respectable 3.25 GPA, at least to anyone who didn’t sport a 3.95 GPA, which Pala loved to rub in his face, almost as much as she liked to rub her pussy in his face, whenever she could. Lud had piercing blue eyes and dirty blond hair and average height and weight, not counting his extra pound or two when he was erect, with his massive 10-inch cock, which, after his eyes, and his adorable personality, was Pala’s favorite feature about him. Presently, he was in a pair of boxers, much like he was whenever he was home, no matter the season.

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