by Linda Jordan



~About Linda Jordan

Copyright 2011 by Linda Jordan

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Flight photo licensed by Deposit Photos

Photo by Piotr Skubisz/Pietu

Smashwords Edition


Oriana jolted awake from a dream as the small plane lurched and her head banged against the window. Pain clouded her vision and she rubbed her head.

Anton put his hand on her thigh and said, “Just a little turbulence, darling. We’re almost there.”

She pulled her leg away quickly, gazing out the window. In the dream she had been a hawk, circling, then diving towards the earth through the hot air. Pulling up at the last minute with a limp rabbit in her talons, she felt strong and powerful. The rabbit’s neck snapped as she pulsed her huge wings and rose into the cooler air near the tops of the pines, searching for a tree to perch in. Eager to taste the fresh meat and blood. The still warm body felt heavy as she surged upward. Those wings had given her a satisfying taste of freedom.

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