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Introduction, by Nazeem Dollie

A healthy relationship is one that is based on mutual love, trust, respect, admiration and concern between the two people in the relationship. People fall in love all the time, yet at some point, they face obstacles – as all people do, and at least one of the two parties fall out of love, resulting in termination of the relationship.

This book is dedicated to every man that’s ever wanted to understand exactly why women dump men, how to identify the pitfalls, and how to avoid the common relationship mistakes that most men are guilty of.

You might ask what qualifies me to offer relationship advice. I have worked as a fitness professional and personal trainer at some of the world’s leading gymnasiums worldwide, including the United States of America, England, South Africa and Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates. During my time as a personal trainer, I have worked in the closest personal space of all my clients. Bear in mind that most of my fitness clients always saw me after a stressful day at work – and since I worked in their closest personal space – helping them stretch their bodies, tone their muscles, and improve their body image, they have learnt to trust me over a period of time and always shared their inner most secrets and frustrations with me. Both men and women alike felt comfortable enough to share with me their latest relationship blunders, until one day, one of my clients suggested that I write a book about my findings where relationship failures were concerned, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that most men are guilty of.

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