What are readers saying on Smashwords about Kiwi and the Missing Magic?

“Another adventurous tale of mice and men, cats and mice, all told in the skilled writing of Vickie Johnstone. It is easy to see why this author is so beloved. These are wonderful books the entire family can enjoy.” Ed Drury (5 star review)

“There are life-lessons threaded throughout the narrative about the importance of loyalty, courage, perseverance, and being a good catizen, er, I mean, citizen. Johnstone’s prose is easy-going and she throws just enough fun and frivolity in to hold your attention – be you child, tween, teen, or adult, I think.” Jill Elizabeth (4 star review)

“Kiwi is such great fun, and it is interesting to see this new world through the eyes of Amy and James as they transform into cats and must integrate themselves into the feline society. I thought it was such a great idea to bring James’ hamster into the group to help them solve this new mystery. It is always great, also, to find a good children’s/YA series that adults can fully enjoy as well. It is a great story to share with your children or just keep for yourself if you are so inclined!” Cassie (5 star review)

“Another cute book for the 10+ set, in which Amy and James follow Kiwi back to Cat City to find out why the Magic is missing – and to help set things right. We learn more about how Cat city functions along the way, and Johnstone provides a cute lesson about being friends with those different from ourselves. Very entertaining.” Sharon E Cathcart (4 star review)

“Kiwi’s gang is back in full force! Vickie has again created a huge fun-filled adventure for us to follow, and I loved every bit of it. I hope that the series continues to produce such magical tales for a long, long time.” Ritesh Kala (5 star review)

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