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Secret 10 Commandments to Fat Loss Success

Author: Anthony Alayon

Copyright Anthony Alayon 2011

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Secret 10 Commandments to Instant & Permanent Fat Loss Success

In order for you to follow the Fat Extinction Program, you must follow the 10 Commandments to Fat Loss Success. Here is a list of the top ten things you must do in order to achieve Fat Loss Success.

COMMANDMENT 1: Follow the 3D’s

If you want to get the results you have always desired, you must have discipline, dedication and determination. The reason I decided to put this first is because….well, without it you will be nothing. If you are lacking even one of these three key components, then you are robbing yourself from fat loss success. This topic will be discussed more in detail in The Power of The Mind e-book.

COMMANDMENT 2: Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals that are feasible is a must if you are looking to achieve fat loss success. You can’t expect to lose 30 pounds or 8 inches off of your waistline in a month. That is very hard to do, unless you are very over weight. Regardless, make weekly goals that are attainable and yet somewhat challenging. For example, set a weekly goal of losing 1-lb.

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