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Praise for You Are the Messiah!

Why do you keep mailing your confusing manuscript to our offices? We have no interest in publishing this kind of material. Please kindly also stop sending semi-nude pictures of yourself, as there is no chance of you becoming a part of our company’s talent roster.

- World Universal Wrestling Magazine

Well, this certainly is a book, isn’t it? Front and back covers, and in between those there are lots of pages that are filled with words. It’s made of paper. That is about all I am comfortable saying about it.

- Name withheld upon request, famous book reviewer

Let me guess. You’re going to stick a quote from me in the front of your book, nestled in between a few other fake quotes from nonexistent people/publications…Real original, asshole.

- Chris Trew, friend of the author


- Internet, universal electronic information resource

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