Lee and Eli’s Quest

WC Hargis

Copyright 2011 WC Hargis

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

The sky was a deeper blue today, or it seemed that way to Lee. Wispy clouds stretched out across the sky like a horse’s tail, but they moved fast, much faster than the wind at ground level. It was a pretty good sign that the weather was about to change.

Lee and his brothers were picking corn in the field. His stepfather, Tom Cossman, was on the wagon driving the mules. He was a mean bastard who never let up on the animals or the kids.

Lee was the oldest of the three boys, so Tom used his fist on him at the least provocation, usually beating him senseless. Lee fought back hard, but he realized at a young age, that one day he would be big enough to turn things around.

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