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A Chicken in the Outhouse


Andy Wilkinson


Copyright 2011 by Andy Wilkinson

A Chicken in the Outhouse

Opp, Alabama, in 1937, was a boring place in the summer for a ten year old boy.

Opp was short for Opportunity, a sad contradiction for a town that never developed beyond a series of small farms and ranches. But it was fertile ground for a kid with imagination and time on his hands, and young Billy Stacy had an abundance of both.

This morning Billy caught a small chicken and carried it around the barnyard thinking of how it might provide a little entertainment. When an idea came to him he probably should have thought it over for a few minutes before proceeding. But foresight was not a natural attribute of Billy’s, so he went ahead with his plan.

Shhuu, quiet little fellow,” Billy said to the half- grown chicken tucked under his arm. He looked both ways, careful not to be seen, and stepped into the family’s outhouse.

The outhouse pit was new. Billy’s dad and granddad dug it just two weeks earlier and dragged the little wooden structure over the fresh hole.

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