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The 10 Day Colitis Cure

Mark's book is an amazing and gut-wrenching journey that is a powerful testimony to how a life-altering, chronic disease can be cured with such simple, but often overlooked, remedies. His book is a perfect example of why I chose to leave medical school and focus on teaching people simple inexpensive, and natural remedies to prevent and treat many common diseases. While the natural approach may not work 100% of the time, Mark's book shows how it can work in an amazing way for even severe illnesses. His book is worth reading for anyone suffering from colitis. I cringe to think of all those people who've had radical surgeries or other harsh treatments who could have been cured from colitis simply and naturally.”

Rebecca Haworth, author The 3 Day Thrush Cure

The 10 Day Colitis Cure

How I Cured 10 Years of Colitis by Christmas

Mark William Kanter

Published by Mark William Kanter at Smashwords

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