Remember Who You Are!

I hope you take this as a warning, for what I ask of you is not so much the forsaking of your loved ones, but the earnest hope that you will not surrender up the one that matters most –yourself; if you cannot be true in your own heart, then what does it matter if at the end of life you discover you have lived a life that was never yours?”

-----Charles B. Smith

I have a best friend, one that I can talk to about any subject and he’s right on topic with me.

Imagine those classic black and white movies with the old men sitting around a table in a stuffy old parlor wearing smoking jackets and puffing on pipes, surrounding in a thick fog of aromatic smoke discussing money, politics and “kids these days”? That's pretty much us.

Recently one of the topics that came up during our discussions was the loss of self identity, forgetting who you are and your purpose.

What do I mean? Well, in life various things will happen; things that mold and change us, for good or ill, till eventually you become the person you are today. Everything that happens in our lives growing up re-adjusts our concepts and understanding; just like deja-vu in the matrix, a certain event will come along that causes our notions, ideas and perception on life to “hiccup” and change.

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