Wait Till Daddy Gets Home!

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"She was looking at porn!" Mark watched his wife get all worked up, pacing the room. "That's not what good girls do!"

Mark sided with his daughter, knowing that a girl her age had every right to look at such things. After all she was an adult.

"I've got an idea to teach her a lesson that she'll never forget." He told Tammy with a conspiratorial smile.

"Good." she beamed.

"You're going to help me teach her not to watch those filthy videos." He promised his wife. She'll be too busy fucking me.

"Now go get her," he bellowed. "Drag her in here if she resists." Mark smiled, rubbing his hands together as he was going to set his plan in motion.

Mark wasn't surprised when his wife came back, tracking their daughter. Lori looked at him with calm, trusting eyes.

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