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Sun Chaser by Brett Fitzpatrick.

Chapter 1

Cur was on the lowest deck of his spaceship, at the point where the belly airlock was punched through the hull. He was watching the landscape speeding past below and getting ready to jump. Though naming it landscape was to call up connotations of the picturesque that it simply didn’t deserve. It was mostly rock, damp and dark from the most recent downpour, with divots of turf and tufts of hardy grass poking out from the cracks.

“Whichever company terraformed this powers-forsaken planet,” Cur growled to himself. “They did the absolute bare minimum to make it habitable by humans.”

His spaceship was called Sun Chaser, a Wanderer-class pursuit ship, and the ship’s computer was called Chaser. She wasn’t sure if Cur was talking to her, but she decided to answer anyway, just to be on the safe side.

“Starwave Imperial Contracting,” she said, the words echoing distorted from the cheap speakers mounted in the airlock walls.

“Hmm?” Cur reacted, slightly confused by what the ship’s computer had just said.

Evidently the words hadn’t been directed at her, Chaser thought ruefully.

“The company who terraformed this planet,” she said, “its name is Starwave IC.”

“Fascinating,” Cur grunted in reply.

Chaser was close enough to AI to know sarcasm when she heard it, but she ignored him. She tried to let him concentrate on the jump, what he was about to do wasn’t without its dangers.

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