Book One of Archsussa Melissa

By Adrienne Gordon

Published By Adrienne Gordon at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Adrienne Gordon

Through the rubble and ruin of the last levitating city Melissa Drusciana scurried, hunched over, darting in and out of narrow crawlspaces and slime-ridden, foul-smelling igra tunnels, cursing her long, red hair as it kept getting snagged along the way. Her left arm was badly singed -- almost up to her shoulder -- yet still she held fast to the thick leather satchel which contained the heavy glass orb known as the Centric Sphere.

An explosion rocked the firmament, slamming her meager frame into unyielding stone. The dust made her sneeze, and she slouched down, tired and beaten, wondering if she should press on.

I’ve lost so much; my home, my little huffoi -- and all my friends. She wept bitter tears, thinking on all her friends at school. All she had seen was the building collapse, but heard nothing about their fate. Where are you Rachel?

A brief tremor brought down a wall near her. She screamed, wishing, hoping there was someone that could help.

But there’s no one now, except me. I must do it now . . . I must! She placed her hands on the cold surface of the Sphere, and in a harsh whisper spoke the words her brother Toby gave her long ago. “Ti dioma farra Darian!”

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