by Melissa Yuan-Innes

Published by Olo Books

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 by Melissa Yuan-Innes

Cover art copyright 2013 dimelotu (foreground) and Ljilja Romanović (background)

On a December dawn in Montreal, the sky glowed with a pale grey-blue light. A stranger strode the icy sidewalks of Outremont, ignoring the new blisters that had erupted on his toes.

A VW bug whizzed through the slush. The stranger danced aside to avoid any spray, and was almost bowled over by two boys in yarmulkes. They dashed onto the foot-high snow banks to avoid him. The stranger lifted his felt hat. When the boys took no notice, he spat and shook his fists at their backs. Children today!

The frigid air numbed his nostrils and dried his throat. His breath steamed the air. He wondered why Noah had chosen such a cold, uncivilized place to settle. True, the restaurants were excellent, and the stranger had bought a new pair of well-lined sheepskin boots for a song. But they were both getting too old for the cold.

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