Sex and Salmonella

The 2nd Tory Bauer Mystery

by Kathleen Taylor

Copyright © 1996 by Kathleen Taylor

Smashwords Edition

For Ken and Lona Prater and Curtis and Matthew Taylor, my parents and my children—who all waited, not too impatiently, for me to finish just one more page.


I would like to thank the following people for their assistance—though I am entirely responsible for the story that follows, it would not have come into being without their help: Jody Weisflock, Lorah Houser Jankord, Kris Hansen, Jane Stimson, and the Dianes (Willis and Jankord) for chapter-by-chapter enthusiasm; Betty Baloun at the library; R.E. (who didn't want to be named) for the Latin translation; the wonderful Jane Dystel and her staff for finding this book a home; and especially Terry T, whose support saved me from having to find a real job a long time ago.

Special thanks go to my son Curtis Taylor ( ), who prodded me into releasing the series as e-books. He designed the wonderful new covers. I’m especially grateful to my friend Ryan Boettger, and his students in the Department of Linguistics & Technical Communication at the University of North Texas, Carrie Klein, Melissa Fairchild, Briana Hoffman, and Matthew Choat in particular, for doing such a wonderful job in converting this book to the proper format.


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