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Day Off

I finished typing the sentence and brought both hands down flat on my keyboard, resisting the impulse to mash the keys.

I got up too quickly nearly upending my stone-cold coffee on the floor, and looked back at the blazing white screen of my indifferent computer. It wasn’t its problem that there had never been anything so unoriginal or dull written by anyone, anywhere, ever – and it didn’t care.

Leaning over, I saved the drivel I had just written in toto because I couldn’t look at it long enough to sort out what to delete. Probably all of it.

I’d just huddled in my perpetually gloomy basement for over four hours, letting my nose get cold and doggy for what?

Shivering, I clicked ‘shut down’ and didn’t stick around to hear my c.p.u. fan grind to a halt.

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