Lenny quickly gunned the engine again and imitated Eliza… “Can you slow down….Oh, no, boo-hoo, boo-hoo!”

Stop it Lenny!”

Why?” he asked, using a little girl’s voice as the trickster guy weaved in and out of New York traffic erratically with one hand on the wheel. He really was a very good driver and had his license since he was 12 and he knew he had full control of the van. It just was so easy and tempting to tease poor Eliza.

She’s going to be sick, she’s gonna’ lose her cookies,” said another little boy riding in front, a good looking imp of a rascal named Cyrus. Everyone took his cue and began mimicking Eliza. Even the usually quiet Gaby and her little pudgy fat sister Lauren who was always sucking her thumb were a bit hyper too.

Eliza’s gonna’ get sick, she’s gonna loose her cookies!” They made it into a chant and kept it up, a sing along like ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’.

Glinda felt sorry for her older sister and seemed to bare the ride fine and same with the shy and quiet Richard. “Why don’t you leave her alone!” Glinda yelled at the kids, but to no avail, the banter went as they sped up 2nd Avenue, Lenny gunning the engine.

At that moment Eliza wished she could be her older brother Roy who didn’t go to the youth center because he was at a different school and therefore on a different schedule than the other 3 Osberg kids, so he was spared the rough ride home back to the UN Plaza.

The second oldest Richard was introverted, shy and remote and didn’t say much due to a slight stuttering problem. Their mother doted on the boy constantly and that could have contributed to his quiet nature as well. He actually had an afro and a large afro pick was stuck in his back pocket. The kids in the back whispered about him and were kicking the seat. Rich ignored them and pretended to be somewhere else looking out the little windows of the rickety van.

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