This is my story (Zoe)


My story starts back in 2009 while living as a sex slave owned by an eastern European crime syndicate located in the heartland of the UK at a private facility called the LODGE. The lodge is a private members BDSM club situated deep within private grounds away from any large conurbation. It houses a large selection of female sex slaves like myself, young pretty and captive. It also provides members a SPA experience and excellent dining, drugs and drink all within an atmosphere of opulence serviced by naked and semi-naked women.

All waitresses are kept semi-naked wearing only high heel strappy sandals and ultra short skirts. Maids are totally naked and are kept barefoot wearing only a stainless steel slave collar. Pleasure girls are allowed a mixture of fully naked and high class clothing but always without panties with immediate access to their private parts.

Also from time to time there is a freak show where Pet women are paraded around on all fours on leashes like bitches and made to roll on their backs to expose their large wet open cunts or just provide themselves as foot rests for the guests or as low tables with a flat surface attached to their backs.

Hucow’s are a rare occurrence sporting extremely large breasts leaking milk continuously providing a warm fresh milk service for clients tea or coffee. The woman HuCow is required to milk herself into the clients cup upon demand by pumping her breasts rhythmically squirting fresh human milk into the cup.

The club is a freakshow of extreme fetish behaviour where the women all appear to perform without inhibition and with extreme gratitude without any visible enforcement.

As all the women are slaves and viewed as assets owned by the lodge they are all potential whistleblowers or potential escapees so we are all fitted with internal security implants that ensure we never try to escape, meaning that we all have to return to our charging stations within 24 hours else our internal implants would release a toxin and poison us resulting in our immediate death.

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