Post-Obama, an X-33-space shuttle Commander travels back in time to change history, after notorious assassin 'The Chinaman' shoots the American and Russian Presidents, and a devastating hurricane crosses the Atlantic. The Chinaman's game of cat and mouse proves as dangerous as the plan to destroy the super-storm using a neutron bomb....

'Steve Stone works at the tough but exciting interface between the thriller and the hardest of hard science fiction. In this second part of his four-book series, we find spaceflight, gangland violence, high politics and a clutch of plot twists. Based on deep research and imagination, the series has delivered plenty already and the final two volumes promise much more.' MARTIN INCE, SCIENCE JOURNALIST, AUTHOR OF THE ROUGH GUIDE TO THE EARTH.

This book is a sequel to the novel ‘Intrepid’. Whilst it can be read on a stand-alone basis, prior reading of 'Intrepid' comes highly recommended. Other titles in this series;

'Intrepid'. Available on Smashwords.

'Intrepid - Revelations'. Second sequel, coming early 2012.

'Intrepid - Regression'. Third sequel, coming early 2013.

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