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Murray's Waterfall Home

Murray lives behind a waterfall in the Rocky Mountains of Canada in a beautiful cave filled with crystals. Her favourite crystals are rose quartz and purple amethyst

When the sun shines on the waterfall, the rainbow colours it creates on the walls of the crystal room are spectacular.

When the sun hits the crystals inside the cave the colours take Murray’s breath away. Murray loves colour.

Murray’s cave room is wonderfully quiet. She can see the waterfall cascading down to the Thompson River below but she cannot hear the roar of the waterfall from inside her peaceful crystal room.

Often Murray sits on a beautiful shiny rock beside the waterfall and waves to the passengers on the magnificent blue and white train called The Rocky Mountaineer which passes by every morning.

Murray’s cave home has another room which is in astonishing contrast to her crystal room.

She gets to this room through a slate door hidden in the wall of the cave. It is a bright sunlit octagonal shaped room with Murray’s enormous white king size bed in the middle of it..

Her bed has a fabulous patchwork quilt on it. The colours are purple pink and white.

She was told by the woman in the shop in St Albans who sold Murray the quilt that the pattern has a name It is a “round the world trip” quilt. This name is particularly attractive to Murray as she loves travelling. She wants to travel the world to see all the different colours of all the different post boxes. In Canada post boxes are red.

Murray thinks the post is romantic. Her waterfall home is half way up a mountain though and too far away for the post man to deliver letters so there are no post boxes there. She has to take her mail to the post office in Jasper, the nearest town to where she lives and collect her mail there too. Her mail box number is 42.

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