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Book Design: Rolando F. Santos

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For Jodah -

Because I still believe in happily ever after

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I would like to thank all those who co-conspired to make this novel a reality. Those who believed in me and supported my ideas, no matter how crazy they sounded. My agent, whom I was divinely led to, who had all the right connections. My beautiful and brilliant daughters, Brittany and Olivia, my greatest creations and contributions to this planet. My Facebook family, my tribe, who I ignored a lot while immersed in this project, but who gave me the atta-boys once I was all done!

Gratitude to my sister-girlfriends (especially Lori, Christy, Jaquel, and Shanna) who, with the best of intentions, have listened to me vent (mostly about my weight) more times than I can count. Many thanks to my so-called "enemies", who taught me the value of contrast. To my parents, who brought me life and who sacrificed greatly to give everything they possibly could; and to my baby sister, Nicole, who works harder than anyone I know and who put up with all the teasing I dished out when we were little. I hope you got through that with some confidence intact!

And this is a biggie - thank you to the soul who agreed (before I was born) to rape me in order that I may learn the power of forgiveness - that we are not victims of our circumstances. I am a testament to that truth. Thank you GOD for helping me NOT to let that one horrible incident define the truth of who I really am.

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