I opened my eyes, coughed up a lungful of water, and looked around to find that I was on a golden, sandy beach! It was so sunny and warm, as if storms had never been invented. When my eyes adjusted to the sunlight, I realized I was on some kind of tropical paradise! I found myself laughing out loud. I had survived!

At the top of the beach was a forest. It wasn't a normal forest like I was used to, back at home. The trees here made the trees from home look like babies in comparison. These trees rose high up into the air, reaching into the sky at heights I never thought possible. Their trunks were covered in thick, green vines, which, if the mood took me, I could probably climb up (looking at the sky and how it is turning orange, I may have to. Who knows what comes out here at night.) This wasn't an ordinary forest, oh no. This was a jungle.

I walked up to it and the air slowly grew heavy and thick around me. It was like someone had wrapped me in a thick blanket on a hot day. A layer of sweat began forming instantly, so I decided to stay on the beach.

That's where I am now! Sitting on the beach, taking in the remaining sun of the day, and trying not to think too hard about the fact that I am stranded on a jungle island with little to no chance of rescue.

I mean, I wanted an adventure, right?

Yay adventure!

If someone finds this journal next to my skeleton on the beach, know that I, Alex, lived an awesome life to the absolute max.

I miss my chickens a little.

Probably Friday, definitely night time – On top of a very high tree, trying not to look down – Mood: Wishing I hadn't sunbathed for so long!

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