Book 2: Heller’s Revenge

Book 3: Heller’s Girlfriend

Book 4: Heller’s Punishment

Book 5: Heller’s Decision

Book 6: Heller’s Regret

Book 7: Heller’s Family (to be published)

Little Town series

Book 1: Blood Ties (free ebook!)

Book 2: Blood Sport

Book 3: Blood Feud

Book 4: Blood Tears (to be published)

Book 5: as yet unnamed (to be published)

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Wattling Bay Messenger, Tuesday, 3 April, 1888

Man lynched by angry crowd after terrible murder

Residents of the small township nestled at the foot of Mount Big were shocked last week when two timber-getters stumbled over the body of Mrs Elizabeth Fuller, aged 21 years. The murdered woman was found in a paddock off to the side of the road leading to the township. It appeared that she had been outraged before being brutally beaten about the head with a large rock that was found in near proximity. Mrs Fuller, described by the townsfolk as a very comely woman, had been on her way to lend assistance to her husband’s sister during her first confinement.

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