Spousal Abuse

Nelson Lynch

Published by Hogskull Press at Smashwords

Copyright 2011

ISBN 978-1-4657-6266-5

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Cover: Microsoft Clip Art

Chapter one: Spousal Abuse

“A splash, dammit. I said I wanted a splash of vermouth.” He handed the martini glass back to his wife. “Make me another. A splash of vermouth is all I want. Did you hear that? Just a splash. I want an extra-dry martini. Do you understand? You are wasting a lot of my good gin.”

She handled the glass carefully with both hands and retreated to the kitchen. She put fresh ice cubes in the mixing glass. Carefully she measured an ounce and a quarter of gin in the shot glass. She tossed it over the cubes and gingerly picked up the vermouth bottle. Trembling slightly she measured an eighth of an ounce. She stared at it measuring glass for a second and then threw the contents into the mixing glass. She picked up the long handled spoon from the sink and began to stir briskly.

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