What’s in a Name?

Edenia Series

Copyright Smashwords 2017

The Guardian of Life and Death watching a scene via Traveler’s Gate, felt boredom hitting him felt annoyance take hold when the Goddess of Life, Egypt fluttered into scene screaming her familiar wording to his annoyance.

The Guardian wound up speaking “Go flutter elsewhere now, Egypt!”

Egypt to his disgust wound up still fluttering into his eyesight still shrieking her comment “Life!”

The Guardian wound up rolling his eyes in response to that comment found a soul in front of him hence Egypt’s fluttering shriek into his face to his annoyance.

The Guardian wound up saying his familiar lines “I am the Guardian of Life and Death.”

He judged the soul in front of him discovering the soul was a male dubbed Mordecai to his annoyance.

The Guardian in response wound up speaking further “How many times must I do this guardian job onto this soul in response? It’s annoying!”

The scene via Traveler’s Gate shifted to show a familiar male he figured was named Tom who sat on the bed in one of the High Council’s caved quarters, relaying a story to Recorder while another male was seated nearby on the floor appearing to be asleep, but listening. There was a female clad in medical scrubs was seen was seated next to Tom giving him playful swats onto his shoulder he kept ignoring her while relaying his story.

“You gang are wanted in the High Council’s throne room now!” as blared overheard by a Meritanian unsure of the name.

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