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Trove Books presents Dan McGirt’s classic Jason Cosmo Non-Trilogy complete in one volume:


Simple woodcutter Jason Cosmo learns the Dark Magic Society has put a ten million crown price on his head. On the run from bounty hunters, demons, and worse, he teams with wizard Mercury Boltblaster to discover the truth in a madcap romp across the Eleven Kingdoms and into the heart of the Incredibly Dark Forest.


Turnip farmer-turned-hero Jason Cosmo is sure the royal wedding of his best friend, wizard Mercury Boltblaster, and Queen Raella will go off without a hitch. But when an assassin's crossbow cuts the ceremony short, the Eleven Kingdoms are plunged into a war of magic and mayhem.


Jason Cosmo is sick of being an invincible hero. He's ready to hang up his enchanted sword and go back to growing turnips. But rumors that the all-powerful Superwand has been found means retirement must wait as Jason faces demons, assassins, and sultry pirate queen Tannis Darkwolf.

This ebook reproduces the text of the original print editions of Jason Cosmo, Royal Chaos, and Dirty Work as published by NAL/Signet/Roc in 1989, 1990 and 1993 respectively, with minor corrective edits.

What Others are Saying About JASON COSMO

"Energetic fantasy adventure...McGirt seems prepared to stoop to the lowest literary levels to set up a joke...gleefully employs coincidence, improbability, and a downright flouting of the laws of narrative.”

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