Spectacular Sleight of Hand Card Miracles II

Smashwords Edition

(Copyright Ian McCoy 2017)

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Once again my friends we enter into the fascinating world of card magic.

Notice I said magic – not card tricks. The difference in my view is that while tricks can be puzzling and clever and intriguing – this is very different from when a series of events with the pasteboards leave people gasping in wonderment.

Magic is a brain event. As we enter the moment of astonishment the spectators’ brain basically surrenders to not knowing. Not knowing can be a very pleasant place. In the art of magic it is a very pleasant place for 99 per cent of people. The tingling feeling of wonder and astonishment is a truly wonderful thing. When the brain – literally in a split second, goes through all its files to find an explanation for what just happened and can’t – it simply gives up. Then astonishment wonder and awe take over.

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