A damsel in distress episode 11 caribbean coconut ciroc

By Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs & Candy Michelle Johnson

After the scary yet exciting adventure in the woods of Bear, Utah, Jenna and Chocolate slept soundly in each other’s arms in her room. They had spent two weeks together, each of them not wanting to be away from the other. It took Dave Rutherford about a week to get used to having a man from the member of the darker nation sleeping in his household, but he finally learned how to ignore Chocolate.

After all, Chocolate was a music mogul, a billionaire with a mansion in the same neighborhood. It was early in the morning, Jenna slept close to Chocolate with her head on his furry, warm chest. Jenna felt safe in Chocolate’s arms. Chocolate was in a deep sleep dreaming about producing new talent like Yung G from St. Louis, Missouri in the studio. Chocolate had a new flavor of Ciroc vodka that was released this coming week. It was Caribbean Coconut. He felt it would be an instant success and was released at the right time of the year, the summer when people served mojitos and daiquiris flavored with coconut. “More coconut,” mumbled Chocolate in his sleep. Jenna was a in a daze and just resting on his chest listening to his heart beat and light snoring.

Jenna places a perfectly pink manicured index finger to Chocolate’s lips, gently stroking his lower lip. “More coconut for what?” murmured Jenna. That’s all she go, no more Ciroc secrets were released from Chocolate’s sensual lips. Chocolate started emerging from his deep sleep. He gently grabs Jenna’s delicate hand. He lifts her hand to his lips and kisses. “Morning babe,” Jenna said gently. “Morning babe, the sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day,” boasted Chocolate.

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