Chapter One

In the beginning, I killed two women.

The women died on the same day, within my first ninety days of working for Nevaeh, a company that owns countless office buildings in every city of the world, each building displaying a bright sign that says:


My section is designed like an ocean. If you stroll in, you’ll think you’re at sea. Waves rise and fall and the water tastes like salt.

When I first entered the building, I thought I was on a movie set because each room had at least half a dozen large screens. But Dante Thomas, who used his watch to control the videos on the screens during out tour, informed me that our boss built all our skyscrapers in the world simultaneously, and then he earned my distrust by warning me I that would meet the boss only once in my entire career.

He instructed Sesom, the eighty-year old Janitor to give me Company logos.

“As you wait for the boss, hang them on the wall at home,” said the old man.

I smiled politely.

Why do I need to hang logos on my wall?”

The question remained in my mind and did not travel to my lips because I wasn’t planning to do it.

Sesom handed me a net before limping away and Dante instructed me to watch the crowded sea carefully. When someone started to drown, I was to fish the person out.

“Let me tell you, Cosmos,” said Dante. “People will ask you what you do for a living; you can tell them you are a fisher of people. With a strange name like Cosmos, no one will be surprised that you have a strange job.”

Dante did not tell me that some people would resist. He failed to mention that they would lash out, that they would kick, and that some would even use knives to stab the net, like the first woman who died on my watch.

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