Some plans are made to be broken…

Being judge, jury and executioner for the magical Vallen people is Kat Havelock’s hereditary duty, but she’s desperate to live a normal life. Sometimes even just a few minutes for herself would be amazing. Her plan is to enter Regency society, fall in love, and live happily ever after.

Jack the Lad, the notorious smuggler, has a single-minded quest to destroy his wealthy and intolerant father, who had driven Jack’s late mother to penury and despair. It has taken him ten years, but now the powerful Vallen is finally ready to put his plan into action.

When Jack tries to use his magic for revenge, Kat is obliged to stop him. He convinces her to give him another chance, entangling her into his vengeful scheme. Can Jack and Kat carryout their dreams? Or does destiny have a better plan to steer them together through the storm?

Through the Storm

Storm Series, Book 4

Meredith Bond

Copyright, May, 2017, Meredith Bond. All rights reserved.

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Cover Art by Kim Killion, The Killion Group

Edited by The Editing Hall

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