Starry Eye We Are

Robin Carretti

All rights reserved 2017 No scanning and electronic sharing of any part. Also not to be used at any point reproduced in any manner. This book is the imagination of the Author places and people and incident all fiction.

I thank you for the support of the author’s rights. This is being used fictitiously.


Hey! You “Do you hear me” it doesn’t get any easier. Loving someone gets harder & harder. When your one bird, you better be quick on your feet to do what’s right. Make that perfect landing on the ground. Watch out that bird is running too

fast, he might double-cross and sneak up to you, if you get on his wrong side. I might eye blink with my Tonka-Lego car, mob eye’s, not to be trusted. Hey! Starry eye’s, you want to make it, in show biz? I’m giving you an offer you cannot refuse Starry eyes. Who said there are good-fellow’s where in a club of good-feather’s. & don’t you forget it, forget-about it! Brooklyn birds are twice the Drifter’s boardwalk of a challenge. What’s on your mind? I know you have a lot to say, Parrot rapper pant’s singing to the bank. Polly pushover she’s clicking her Steven Crystal universe bank .I have to study no thanks. No studying please it’s too quiet. We do need an education, Our Mom’s think they’re so cool like Dalmatian’s. How they spot every test you take, the best check off. I passed the test. Dress up window’s of Saks: Fifth parrot, new birth beast window in the bird house .My own a boutique called “Shut up Jersey’ Cheerleader colorful speaker. Sport game Beaker’s. Every-thing was full of tops. I-Phone starry apple of my eye “Double dare you” DJ spin my records, those parrot spin top’s she’s wearing her flip flop’s. In the dressing room needed help zipper up zebra pants. Mom needed to zip her

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