Egon smiled. “I frankly don’t care whether you killed him or not. I only care that you fulfilled your mission. Besides, I have another mission for you. This one is in Belgrade. You must be ready to depart the day after tomorrow.”

What will become of the women?” Tobor asked.

A female control is coming tonight to take charge of Drina and Simza. She’s a qualified midwife, fluent in Romani. She is also a competent assassin. That is the role we have in mind for the Mettbach sisters.”

I want to be sure the child is well cared for.”

Don’t worry about that. We have all the medical services Simza will need. She’ll have a wet nurse. Nursery services will be provided the child. Do you have a name for the child?”

Simza will name the child when she births it.”

As you wish. Do you have any questions?”

This mission in Belgrade. What is it?”

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