The men plopped down into a couple of chairs, and a barmaid appeared within seconds. Both men ordered up some grog and shepherd’s pie.

Oxley followed up by saying, “And bring a pint for our new friend here,” gesturing to the old man at the table.

Zack leaned closer to his friend, whispering, “’Have you lost your mind? We ain’t got paid yet and here you spending money we don’t have.”

Oxley just laughed and pushed Zack away. “You’ve got to learn to live a little, my friend.” Turning to the old man, he said, “Wouldn’t you agree, my good man?”

Grayson Fallon smiled and nodded his agreement.

Philip Zack and Roger Oxley continued to wolf down their food and drink as Grayson Fallon just sat back and listened in amazement at their escapades. Sitting with the two, disguised as the old man, he was encouraged that the more they drank, the more talkative they became. At one point, Oxley mentioned the Sea Raven and Fallon pressed them on the issue.

When we made port a couple of weeks ago in Santo Domingo, we saw two men row ashore in a ship’s launch,” Zack began. “They were the navigator and a cabin boy from a ship called the William Galley. The story they told was enough to curl your real hair, old man.” Fallon said nothing but sat transfixed on every word.

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