Before she could change her mind, she reached down pulling up some of the hair and snipping it off. Now that she had a big gap in her pussy hair, she had no choice but to finish the job, at least that is what she told herself. She took another snip of her pussy hair and another until all she had left was stubble. She picked up the gel putting some on her fingers and from there she smeared it around her pussy. She slowly and very carefully began to shave her pussy. She felt nervous and excited all at the same time. As she saw her skin being bared right before her eyes and she was doing the baring. After taking the last swipe of the razor, she wet a wash cloth to wipe the leftover gel from her pussy. She put the washcloth down and felt her bare skin, it was so smooth to her touch and sensitive. The more she felt the smooth skin around her pussy, the more she loved it.

She got up, going to the full-length mirror that was hanging on the back of the bathroom door. She looked first at her face seeing that she was already blushing. Slowly she looked down her body seeing her “B” cup breasts wishing they were bigger but still she liked how her nipples turned up a little making her breasts seem perky. She finally let her eyes go on downward until her eyes fixed on her newly shaved pussy. She looked at the top of her pussy were there was hair just moments before but was now bare. She saw the top of her cleft of her pussy covering her clit and on down where her outer lips covered her inner lips. At the bottom of her pussy, her inner lips barely peeked out which for some reason, she liked about her pussy.

Her right hand moved down to her pussy as if it was a magnet that her hand was attracted to. “Oh, my god, I’m wet,” Roxy said aloud as she felt the wetness on her lips. She moved her fingers against her smooth lips feeling her arousal grow. She looked into the mirror and realized that she was beginning to masturbate to an imagine of herself which felt so silly and thus ruined the mood that she was beginning to feel. She got a wet washcloth and cleaned her pussy once again before she began to dry her hair. Since she kept her hair relativity short with the sides covering her ears and the back going down to her neck with bangs going down halfway down her forehead, she was able to dry it rather quickly. When she was in high school, she had kept it long but as she began to have to do more for her father, she had it cut short making it easier and faster to care for.

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