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A Breath from Elsewhere

by Linda Jordan

Copyright 2011 by Linda Jordan

Published by Metamorphosis Press

A Breath for Elsewhere Photo licensed by Deposit Photos

Cover photo by Paul Aniszewski

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~A Breath for Elsewhere

~About the Writer

A Breath from Elsewhere

I hated winter. And today was only the first day. I rushed through the downpour, my raincoat trapping in too much heat. Unzipping it, my face felt flushed. The streets filled with crowds in the dusky light. I pulled out my phone to check the time. Only 4:15 in the afternoon.

I ran for the bus, an express which would get me home on time, the doors slapped shut and it pulled away. I’d missed it by half a block. Damn. Stomping my foot, only succeeded in splashing cold water up my pant's legs. Still, I stomped again, wishing I had a life. The universe didn’t seem to feel I needed one. I disagreed.

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