This is the Only Truth & Other Stories

By Raja Sharma

Copyright@2011Raja Sharma

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1: This is the Only Truth

The sunlight that had been brightening the yard climbed on to the wall and the groups of school children, carrying their school bags on their backs began to appear. Then suddenly I realized that I had been standing there for about an hour but Sanjay had not turned up.

Somewhat annoyed I enter the room where the books, some open and some closed, are scattered all over the table in one corner. I stare at them for a while and then I open the cupboard and look at the clothes, all stuffed together recklessly. I should not have wasted my time; instead, I could have arranged the clothes. But I don’t feel like arranging the clothes properly and I close the cupboard.

If he was not supposed to come, why did he give me time? This is not something which is unusual; he is always late in coming. I am the one who begins to wait for him hours before his arrival. When he does not come on time, I don’t feel like doing anything. Why doesn’t he understand that my time is very precious? I have to complete my thesis and I can’t waste my time like this. How can I make him realize this?

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