Sandra Madera


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Monsters of Men

Copyright © 2017 by Sandra Madera

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As I attempted to open my eyes, I found it difficult to raise my eyelids which obstructed my vision. They hung heavy like dark curtains that had been drawn to block out the world, leaving me stranded in the dark void of my mind. Endeavoring to free myself from this dark prison, I tried hard to focus, willing my body to obey my commands, but my eyes rolled back, out of my control. The darkness beckoned me to return to the comfort of unconsciousness. It would have been so easy to give in and drift back into the sleep state from which I came. Yet, my mind hadn’t prevented me by waving an imaginary red flag, warning me of danger. Fighting the need to sleep, I rolled onto my stomach and lifted my head, wanting to inspect my surroundings. Having no control, it bobbed in the air like a buoy would in water.

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