XCULP: The Great Reduction & Procreation

Ken Tennen

Copyright 2013 by Ken Tennen

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The Great Reduction & Procreation

© 2013 by Ken Tennen

Part One: The Great Reduction


by Dr. Sherman Gray

The Gray Institute for Sociological Studies


The purpose of this introduction, and the purpose of this series of books, is to provide some lasting historical perspective of the Xculp Disaster, also known as “The Great Reduction.” The companion volume to this book is titled Xculp: The Great Procreation. This first volume, Xculp: The Great Reduction, deals with the events immediately after Xculp Disaster, as civilizations struggle to reform themselves. The second volume, Xculp: The Great Procreation, is about the moral, legal, and sociological changes that were necessary to expedite the rebuilding of communities’ populations.

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