“…throw in a pigeon…remember this is a soup for a convalescent”

“Every bit of marrow in bones should be scraped out and carefully used. Its taste is more delicate than that of suet, and it can be substituted for butter even in fine cake.”

“Chitterlings require a great deal of care in their preparation; in fact it must be remarked that the quality depends entirely upon the proper cleansing of the bowels.”

“MAIDS should likewise be hung one day, at least. May be boiled or fried, or if a tolerable size, the middle may be boiled, and the fins fried. They should be seasoned with Cayenne and salt, then dipped in egg, and covered with crumbs.”

“Never buy a dead lobster.”

“An unsatisfied stomach, or one overworked by having to wrestle with food which has bulk out of all proportion to flavor, too often makes its vengeful protest in dyspepsia. It is said underdone mutton cost Napoleon the battle of Leipsic, and eventually his crown. I wonder, now and then, if the prevalence of divorce has any connection with the decline of home cooking?”

“You will find the calf's head soup the most delicious soup in the cookery.”

“Collect a pint of blood either from a hare, rabbit or chicken, stir into it a little vinegar to prevent coagulation…”

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