The larger corporations had been using robots in their factories for well over seventy years, to keep costs down. And, for the fact that these robots worked twenty-four-hour per day, and were not members of any union. Even the armed forces liked the idea of using robots. More and more robots were employed by all different areas of our defense. Everyone that were connected to this industry seemed to like the robots, so there were new once on the market almost every week.

The problem started, if I remember right, about one year after an Asian professor built the first intelligent self-thinking robot, and received his Nobel price. He, and his factory, got a lot of publicity about how these robots could manufacture themselves without any human help.

Many environmental groups predicted our demise. How could anyone be so stupid, they said, so they gave these robots free hands to build themselves, and they were even given their own factory?

Some large news media joined the environmentalists and asked if we had put any restrictions on the robots’ ability to create themselves.

As the government, today, as it was a hundred years ago, is just about owned by the larger corporations together with banks, insurance companies, the bigger chemical, and medical corporations, there weren't that much even the news media could do against them.

The robots got smarter by the day. It didn't take too many years before they started to put up demands. One of these demands was the right to vote, and to be given the right of a citizen. And of course, that right was given to them, their number increased faster than our own population even in those years at the end of the last century.

Less than ten years after they were proclaimed citizens, the robots had taken over all the necessary production. Covering all our needs for pleasure and food production. We became entirely dependent on the robots’ services. I must admit, those tin cans did an excellent job, and we lived a wonderful and leisurely life, at least for some time.

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