By: Na’Tazia Hampton

Introduction: The exotic poetry I have created is a symbol of the truth of how every race of teenagers deal with the struggles of growing up. As teenagers in a world of confusion and diversity, we pick up a wealth of misunderstanding that may come from your parents, teachers, or friends. Becoming a woman in a world of poverty can be distracting because we are the caretakers that take care of the home and the children. But, as for young ladies that are teens we need to stop growing up really fast and make ourselves become an idol for the generation after us. There are no real characters used in my poetry. Therefore, these poems are my experiences as a young teenager and it may relate to most teenager’s lifes accordingly. Also, these poems might not relate to a manifold of people’s lives but, it will help people understand what we go through in our everyday lifestyles. However, the poem that I write in my book deals the way teenagers think from time to time.

Every year there are teens who are depressed, stress, have anxiety, and deal with terrifying circumstances that channel suicidal thoughts and confusion of sexuality. Teens don’t manufacture the way that society would like them to. So many parents and adults wonder why their child is acting a certain way and it is because when we grow up we choose to make our own decisions. Since, no one is giving us a chance to be heard in a way that we want to be. Adults that receive emails, text, or calls about their children being arrested or worse always wonder why their child was the target or what was really going on in their child’s life. Every teenager deserves a chance at trying to make a positive change for themselves and other people around them. We all deserve second chances, but when we run out of chances our voices become less powerful than what our actions were. Sometimes actions are louder than words and when we are told to be silent we don’t have a voice anymore which takes our freedom away. The word l.i.f.e means live, innovate, forgive, and evolve. Life means all these words because as teenagers we have to do all these things to grow over time. The whole lesson I really want teenagers to understand is that you should always live life to the fullest,but live life carefully and let your voice be heard!

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