On All Fours - Bestiality 3-Pack Vol 5

Hot Preview (From Punished By The Pitbull):

"Daddy, you can't be serious!" Screamed 18-year-old Nancy, stamping her foot on the ground as she folded her arms across her large breasts. "I'm an adult now and can do whatever I want!"

"An adult is responsible for their actions! You dress and act like a fucking slut and I'll just bet you give it to all the horny guys." Jim shot back, mirroring the furious gaze of his daughter.

I've got to teach her a lesson, Jim thought as he grabbed for his belt. He noticed that his dog Rocky was sniffing the grass near the campsite.

"I'll give you two choices for your punishment. One - a whipping for dressing like a slut or two - Rocky gets to punish you." Jim was confident she'd choose the paddling because she always did and she was deathly afraid of Rocky. It was a little joke of theirs.

He saw her cast a fearful glance at the large black and white pit bull and shudder. Jim hid a smile, knowing that she'd choose the belt over the dog.

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