Life Lessons in a Canoe

by Kate Everson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

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It is better to be happy with what you have, than unhappy with what you don’t have.

This is the life lesson that Rebekah got one day when she paddled her canoe in the river near her home. It was simple, but direct. And it rang so true.

She loved to be out in the canoe. It felt so free. The sky was alive to her and the clouds its playthings. Blackbirds chattered in the cattails and sometimes at dusk they would fly together above the marsh in unison. It was breathtaking.

Occasionally, Rebekah would see a turtle head pop up, then swim away. She had even seen a beaver in the river, its perfectly adapted body making a long trail in the water. Once she saw an otter quickly splash and dive under when it spotted her.

“I love it here,” she thought. “The river is my soul.”

She paddled in the daytime when the water was as smooth as glass, and it took little effort to move the canoe across the river. If there was a bit of a wind, she struggled a bit more, since she wasn’t really a good paddler, but she kept trying to make that J-move everybody talked about. It just didn’t work for her!

But it was all about the joy of being there, on the water underneath that perfect sky. She loved to be there at sunset, when the sky was darkening and the moon just rising in the east. But whenever she went, it was just amazing.

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