Bear Traxxx

Copyright 2011 by Coyotes Publishing

Smashwords Edition

The Drive

The drive was long with much anticipation.

Stops were plenty due to traffic, mass transportation.

Big Rigs hurried by to make deliveries.

Cross country drive is what had them rushing with no worries.

We trucked along at any pace we could.

Alone at night as I want.

People swarming around like little bugs.

The bugs were really bad.

Surrounded by swamp, perhaps that’s a reason.

Sat around most of the time quiet.

As I do at home but got more time alone there.

The silent ness still reminds me bout how my life will continue to be.

From Monday to Sunday all twelve hours alone for me.

- Kennie Kayoz

Killer Bugs

Today the bugs were bad.

They’d swarm any bit of skin ya had.

Not covered just to take a chunk out.

Blood splattered on your arm from one smack as ya shout.

A quick scream from pain as the bite.

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